I just dropped my youngest child off at college. While it certainly was a hectic time, I actually spent the last three weeks SLOWING DOWN. I didn’t stop or neglect any area of my life or business. I focused on my priorities and spent lots of time with family. And now I’m ready for a full, faster-paced fall!

For my coaching business, I didn’t panic and work 12 hour days beforehand. And I’m not playing catch up now. I have deliberately, intentionally, chosen what to spend my time on and I’ve worked a little bit most days. I’ve had individual coaching sessions, connected with new people, kept my membership community active and responded to daily emails… all at a slower pace. Perhaps most importantly, I’m not feeling drained! In fact, I am ready to speed up in September.

Whether it’s for work or life, I don’t believe in pushing through busy months. Instead, when life feels overwhelming, I believe we need to slow down, reevaluate our priorities and focus on fewer tasks. This creates positive, (even peaceful) energy and that allows us to get the most important stuff done. We feel like we’ve been productive. And, we will be ready to speed back up.

It’s one of the most counterintuitive time management tips… slow down to speed up. Ready to try it? Here are two tips to slow down to speed up in your life:

Take Time Off

Whether it’s a week, a day or just an afternoon, schedule time off each month. Plan it and look forward to it, a day away from everything stressful. After giving your brain a break, you’ll return to the tasks with more energy and creativity. You’ll be ready to speed up and tackle your next project.

The Daily Pause 

With the constant barrage of calls, requests and notifications, it’s easy to let the day get away from you. Midday, take a moment to walk away from your work space for just a few minutes. Take deep breaths, ground yourself and consider what is most important. This quick pause will help your brain and body slow down, you’ll refocus and be ready to jump back into the fast pace of the day.

Ready for some additional support? I’d love to learn more about your unique situation and help you figure out how to slow down to speed up. Reach out and schedule a free Discovery Session!