Are you a visionary – a creative, out-of-the-box thinker with a passion project that’s been sidelined for far too long?

Do planning, motivation or constant distractions make success and happiness seem like an impossibility?

It is time to move out of the chaos and overwhelm and step into your potential!

Barb Hubbard sees the strengths and possibility in others and guides them to discover it in themselves. With love and compassion, she helps you move forward with your vision by breaking it into organized and manageable steps and guiding you to the finish line. Discover clarity, find your focus and feel motivated to work on the big and scary projects on your to-do list!    Learn more about Barb.

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Quit Chasing Squirrels is for people with a BIG DREAMS, but also big distractions… squirrel!!

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How to Eat an Elephant: A Community for Busy Women

“You have been so helpful for me to understand my brain, Barb. For decades I’ve thought I was “lazy”… and you have really helped me to learn that my brain is wired in a different way than others.”

ADHD Support Client, KS, California

“I received outstanding support from Barb when I hired her for an accountability project. She instinctively knew the questions to ask me so I could get clarity on the scope of the project and break down the steps. The check-ins were key for me. When I hit a wall and considered putting the project on the back burner, I reviewed the steps and was able to continue. I have a plan that will take me through the entire year! Thank you, Barb!”

Entrepreneurial Support Client, RL, Colorado

“Barb is an amazing coach. She has lots of wisdom and insights as well as being an encourager. Over the past year I have been working with Barb, she has helped me by talking through my goals and, more importantly, my action steps to achieve those goals. She is great at challenging—in an empowering way—my thoughts and choices so I can see what they really look like while helping me to understanding how my daily habits fit into the bigger picture. I also appreciate the accountability in the few areas I have asked her to hold me to, so I can stay focused in achieving both professionally as well as personally. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”

Entrepreneurial Support Client, JC, Pennsylvania

“You gave me the courage and the confidence to go forward instead of giving up on my business goals. Joining Newcomer’s Group, Writing, and book club have been the best new experiences that opened new doors—directly from your coaching and brainstorming with me. You have been the best accountability partner! Supportive and firm, you helped me stay on track making calls and setting appointments. Thank you so much!”

Entrepreneurial Support Client, CW, North Carolina


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