I’ve spent my entire life getting myself (and others) to do things I (they) don’t want to do.

Let me break it down for you – sometimes, I just don’t want to do stuff. Other times, I kind of want to do it, or I know I should. And then there are those occasions when I really, really want to do it, but it’s so darn big, I’m lost from the get-go! Can you relate?

My procrastination? Oh, it’s got a rich history, starting from my high school and college days. I’d wait until the eleventh hour to study or write papers. I needed that urgency. (I still do, honestly.) And when I finally finished? I’d wonder why I couldn’t just start earlier.

In my teaching career, I’ve seen it all – kids avoiding math, reading, writing like the plague. Together, we’d tackle those dreaded tasks, and sometimes, they’d even realize they didn’t hate it as much as they thought.

When I started coaching – clueless and overwhelmed, I’d put things off left and right. Progress? Snail’s pace. Even my love for coaching couldn’t always kick my procrastination to the curb.

My clients? Oh, they all sing the same tune: “Help me start!” Books, taxes, marketing plans – you name it, I’ve helped them kick-start it all. So, trust me, I get it. I’m the procrastinator whisperer, living the struggle, armed with endless tricks to kick procrastination to the curb, for both you and me!

The next round of Group Coaching will begin in September!

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What are you procrastinating on this week? I’m sure there’s something…
  • A long-held dream?
  • A new website?
  • Writing a book? A blog?
  • Applying to grad school? Studying for the next certification?
  • Marketing plans for your business?
  • Finally organizing your home?
  • A course you purchased but never started?
  • Your taxes?
Are you waiting for the perfect time? (Hint – It’s not about time!)
Are you waiting for your ideas to be clear? (Sometimes clarity comes with action.)
Are you waiting until life settles down? (Hahahaha! Sorry, not sorry!)
Are you waiting to feel motivated? (Let me teach you how!)

I’ve heard it all! I’ve even said it to myself, over and over!

Whatever your reason for procrastinating, this group is for you! You will clear the excuses and start that project! And it begins with your decision not to procrastinate on jumping into this course!

The next round of Group Coaching will begin in September!

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All the details and FAQs…

Who is it for?

  • The creative dreamers who have an idea rattling around in the back of their mind
  • The people pleasers who are always putting other people’s projects first
  • The helpers & givers who want to make an impact and see others thrive
  • Solopreneurs, Mompreneurs, Entrepreneurs
  • Empty-Nesters
  • Busy moms are wear all the hats
  • Neurodivergent brains
  • Anyone who feels liked they’ve tried it all and they are still procrastinating, still inconsistent and still never finding time for what’s most important to them!

What will you get?

  • Time — Yes, time to actually work on your project! (There’s nothing worse than getting off a call feeling like you have it all figured out… and then procrastinating some more. Ugh!)
  • Clarity — about your project, about next steps, about how your brain works, and about why it’s actually not about time
  • Accountability — to keep moving forward with consistency
  • Motivation — you’ll want to get started! (I know that seems magical, right?!)
  • Strategies — to help you get started and restarted on this project AND help you on future projects too

The logistics…

  • Small groups are capped at 5 members max – this ensures you get what you need and also get the chance to learn from a group. If I have more than 5 people interested, I’ll create two groups.
  • We will meet weekly for 12 weeks for 60 minutes each on zoom
  • Each week will include four parts, based on your project and your goals:
    • Check In — Where are you at? What’s getting in the way?
    • Discussion — Learn the tips and tricks you need to get started on projects now and in the future
    • Individual time with me to talk through your project — we’ll jump into a breakout room so you can get clarity on your next steps
    • Focused time to actually work on your project — at least 20 minutes of each call will be devoted to this
  • Once groups are formed we will work out the best day/time for everyone (trust me, this works!)
  • In between sessions you’ll have access to the group and to me. If you have questions, need feedback, or get stuck there is ALWAYS someone available to you. We’re in it together!
  • Cost = $777

Why can’t I just click on a button and sign up?

This isn’t your typical program and I’m not your typical coach. Two things are extremely important to me: I want this to be the best next step for you and I want to create a cohesive and supportive group. Therefore, I want to have a conversation with you before you jump in. During our conversation we might find out that you’d be better served by something else I offer. Or, the timing might not be right. As I put together the group, I want to be sure that participants have similar goals and intentions. The community aspect of group coaching is just as important as what I have to teach you.

Why a group of 5?

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. I believe this to be true for procrastinators. There have been times when I have been listening to someone else and I’ve had an ah-ha moment, “Oh yeah, I do that toooooo.” Or “What a great idea! That might work for me too!” If we could figure out our procrastination tendencies by reading books or watching videos, we’d all be good by now. We need the discussion and interaction of the group. Plus, groups offer amazing accountability! Why do I cap the group at 5? Because I want to give attention to you.

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