A few years ago I attended a workshop where they talked about tiny little changes you could make to change your environment and boost your motivation. Choosing a different pen could be the difference between procrastination or checking an item off your to do list. I’ve explored this idea ever since and helped many clients make tiny, simple changes that had a huge impact and propelled them into action.

The topic that comes up most often is writing. For many, paper/pencil activities are hard. You have to sit still and focus for an extended period of time. At least once per week a client will share that they can’t get started on a writing task: blog posts, papers for school, grants, reports, taxes, etc. Many, many people procrastinate on writing tasks. 

Luckily, there are lots of tiny changes we can make to help you get started with paper/pencil tasks. What if all it took was lighting a candle? 

Seem too simple? I thought so too! And yet, it turned out that simplest adjustments like this made the biggest impact! Sight, sound, scent, touch… all four senses offer different opportunities to jump start your motivation. Try out one today!

Getting Started Hack #22 – Light a Candle! 🕯️

We are often quite aware of what we see and hear, but don’t overlook the power of scent! They say that baking cookies prior to an open house encourages new buyers to purchase your home. People buy flowers to brighten their day. Essential oil diffusers and plug in air fresheners are common. What scents do you love? Scents can motivate or they can slow you down. Find one that you love and use it while working on a specific task or project. Light a candle and get started!

Getting Started Hack #23 – Play Some Music! 🎶

Often overlooked when it comes to focused productivity is the surrounding sound. Some people thrive in quiet environments and may prefer silence. They become distracted by talking, music, even birds or cars passing by. However, others need sound! They find they can focus better with some background noise such as music, the TV or by working in a coffee shop. If you prefer to have sound, try playing some music to set the mood and get you started! Choose the artist, song or volume and rhythm that motivates you. You can even create a playlist for specific tasks – upbeat songs for cleaning the house or lo-fi music for studying or writing. Turn on the music and get started!

Getting Started Hack #24 – Choose a New Pen! 🖊️

Do you love office supplies? Pretty paper, new journals, fancy pens… these can all be quite motivating! Different pens and papers offer a new feel, something different to touch and hold. If you have a project that seems daunting, try using a special pen (or highlighter, pencil, marker, etc). Select a fun shape, style or color just for this occasion, something that you will look forward to using! Take out your new pen and get started!

Getting Started Hack #25 – Adjust the Lights! 💡

After many years of working in classrooms I realized that the fluorescent overhead lighting drained me. I seem to be sensitive to it and it even can cause headaches. So I filled my classroom with lamps and regular light bulbs! And in my home, I open the curtains or let in the sunlight. If you are struggling to get started, check your lighting. Do you need more or less? Do you need different light bulbs? Do you need to sit near a window with natural sunlight? You can even try colored light bulbs for a fun change! Adjust the lighting and get started!

Ready for some additional support? I’d love to learn more about your unique situation and help you figure out which sense to tap into to make the most progress. Reach out and schedule a free Discovery Session!