Stop procrastinating!

We hear this all the time. You probably heard it as a child, from parents and teachers. And you likely have heard it from employers, friends and coworkers over the years. It’s a message so ingrained in us that as adults, we now hear it in our own head.

This is what led me to start sharing my Getting Started Hacks. I have 50+ hacks to help you stop procrastinating. They work on everything from getting started on the dishes to writing a paper to getting started on your passion project.

But what if there are times we shouldn’t get started?

Let’s take a step back.

Sometimes, that delay, that procrastination is there for another reason. Sometimes, it’s a signal to stop.

👉What if you need more time to think about the project?

👉What if you need to delay, while other pieces of the puzzle come together?

👉What if you are meant to change course and do something different?

👉What if you are burnt out and need a break?

👉What if someone else is meant to do this task?

We have been told to stop procrastinating for so long, when we have that nagging feeling that we really should get started, we don’t often question it. We either beat ourselves up for putting things off again or we attempt to get started (or both).

Next time you have that icky procrastination feeling, I invite you to look at it with curiosity. Because sometimes, it is more beneficial to wait or change course. Sometimes, it’s a signal to rest or to drop that task altogether.

☝ Feel the feeling.

☝ Pause.

☝ Consider the options.

☝ Be curious.

☝ Trust your gut.

👉 Choose to get started… or not.

You don’t have to get started on everything!

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