When I launched my coaching business, I found it nearly impossible to sit down and write.

It was so perplexing. I love writing! I’ve always loved writing! In school, the research papers were finished without an issue. While I was teaching, I enjoyed writing progress reports for my students. I love writing content for monthly newsletters. So why was it so hard?

For awhile, I thought I just didn’t have the time. So many other tasks needed to get done and my clients came first. I also blamed a lack of inspiration and ideas. But that wasn’t entirely true. I’m always thinking of new content. 

Can you relate? Do you have tasks that seem impossible to start?

And then it hit me. Those research papers and progress reports had a deadline! And someone was always expecting to see them when they were complete.

Accountability was built in. That was the missing piece in my coaching business.

When we work for ourselves, when we are the boss, we lose the outer expectations that worked so well for us in the past.

Gretchen Rubin, author, podcaster and speaker, writes about accountability in her book, The Four Tendencies.

For the obliger, someone who resists inner expectations but meets outer expectations, accountability is the key. 

And this describes me perfectly. I have many ideas about projects and habits (both personally and professionally) that I’d like to work on, but if no one is “watching” they simply don’t happen.

👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏽If I decide that I’m going to begin to exercise each day, it won’t happen unless I have a partner.

✍An inner expectation to publish blog posts every month? Nope, unless someone is waiting to see them.

Anything that I declare as a self-imposed expectation of myself won’t happen. Unless I set up accountability and create additional outer expectations.

Now there are people in the world who DO meet their inner expectations, and if you are one of them, you are probably wondering why I’m making such a big deal about this! But the majority of people out there need accountability outside of themselves, so let’s dive even deeper.

➡ First, drop the self-judgment. Needing outer accountability is no different than being an introvert or preferring chocolate ice cream. It just is who you are. And when you accept it as just a natural part of your personality, and stop resisting it, you’ll have an easier time figuring out what type of accountability you need to get started and get things done.

➡ Second, please don’t think you have to go out and find an accountability partner to check in with you everyday! (Though that is one method that works well for many people.) There are countless ways to create accountability in your life. What you do need is a willingness to try a few strategies and look at them with curiosity. You’ll find the ones that work and be magically transformed! Not only will you get started on tricky tasks, you’ll get them done.

So obviously I have figured out a way to consistently sit down and write! In addition to these blog posts, I’m even working on a book! And I’m ready to share all the tricks and hacks I’ve tried and what finally worked for me. Stay tuned!

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