I have a task to do this afternoon…But I don’t want to. I don’t know how. I’m not ready. I have other things to do. 

Avoidance. Interruptions. Distractions. Procrastination.

Can you relate? At some point, we just need to GET STARTED! But how?

Shift your viewpoint. Do your work in a different environment.

Our brain needs variety. It craves novelty. And we are often creatures of habit, sitting in the same spot everyday. No wonder we are unmotivated! So give your eyes something new to look at and jump start your motivation.

Getting Started Hack #1: Musical Chairs

Move to the other side of the table! Get a new perspective by sitting in a different chair. Move into the sun, be near your pets, sit away from the window. After you’ve shifted to a new location, take a fresh look at the task in front of you. It will seem new and easy!

👉 When my daughter was in elementary school, she did her homework at the kitchen table. When she became too distracted, I had her move to the other side of the table. And just like that she was back on task. It works for me too! 

Getting Started Hack #2: Change of Scenery

Move to a new location! Sometimes we need a completely new environment around us. Sit in your backyard or on the front porch. Lay on the floor, prop yourself up in your bed or on the couch. Coffee shops, parks, a friend’s house… all options to change your scenery and get started! And my personal favorite… sit in your car! Try it, it works!

👉 I had a client who was struggling to work on her taxes. She was often interrupted by family members and couldn’t find a good place to work inside her home. It got to the point that she didn’t even want to start, knowing that she wouldn’t get much done before the next distraction. So one night she took her laptop and sat in the car, in her driveway! 60 minutes of uninterrupted work! 

Getting started on a task can feel hard… but the boost we need is often quite simple! Tiny changes in your view may be all you need to get to work on that next project!

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