Time management isn’t about time.

We all have 24 hours in a day and despite our best efforts, it’s truly not possible to create more time. Oh, how we try though!

We multitask and we complete things faster. We get up earlier and stay up later. We invest in all the new apps and programs that will save us time.

And then, feeling rushed, we make mistakes and have to start over. We feel burnt out and need a day to recover. We spend too much of our time learning how to use the new programs. 

And we’re no farther ahead.

It’s not really about creating or saving time. It IS about your energy level. 

✨ Positive energy creates time. ✨

Have you ever had a meeting that dragged on and on? You watched the clock and couldn’t believe how slowly the hour progressed. You felt bored and drained and frustrated. And perhaps you continued to feel sluggish for much of the day.

Conversely, have you ever had a conversation with someone and suddenly the hour was over? You were so engrossed in the interaction that the time flew by. You felt excited and energized. You felt like you could conquer the world! And you carried this energy into the rest of your day, with massive productivity.

It’s the same hour of time. Sixty minutes. Right?

One trick to creating more time is to raise your energy level. Doing what you love, interacting with people you enjoy, being creative or generous… makes us feel good. And when you feel good, you have the energy to complete tasks faster (and more accurately). 

Instead of getting up earlier or buying the next best app, focus on doing things that bring you joy. Create time by raising your energy level. 

Getting Started Hack # 26 – Work at a Different Time of Day ☀️

We all have a preferred time of day when we are most productive. Some of us are morning people and others are night owls. Be aware of the time of day when you have the most energy and plan to complete the hard tasks then. Don’t try to write a paper first thing in the morning if you are a night owl! Completing the project when you have the most energy will allow you to get it done faster. Choose the best time of day for YOU, and get started!

Getting Started Hack # 27 – Tap Into Your Creative Side 🎨

Are you a creative person? Do you sew, paint, draw, create graphics, play an instrument? For many people, doing something creative is an energy booster. I had a client who would start each day with 20 minutes of sewing before starting her work. Sewing had nothing to do with her job, but she loved it so much the positive energy carried through to her work tasks. She saved at least an hour of time by spending 20 minutes on creativity each morning. Tap into your creative side, and get started!

Getting Started Hack # 28 – Strategically Plan a “Work Hour” ⏳

Think about the things that bring you joy… a warm bath, a cup of coffee, mentoring, teaching, writing, public speaking, spending time with a loved one, calling a friend… the possibilities are endless. Choose 3-5 things you do each week (or could do) that energize you. And plan to do your work, a more difficult brain-consuming task, right after doing something that brings you joy. Take advantage of the energy boost! Strategically plan a work hour and get started!

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