Feeling Unmotivated?

We all have moments (days?) when we struggle to get things done.  Have you ever worked for hours and suddenly realize that you never started on the one most important task of the day? It is easy to complete 100 little tasks. But there is usually one item on the list that feels impossible. We keep moving it to the next day, the next list. Getting started on this task is like wading through the mud. We are stuck.

There will always be little tasks to complete, but if you really want to make progress you need to put your focus on the big (and scary) tasks. Next time you are feeling stuck, try one of these Getting Out of Stuck Hacks…

The Little Stuff

As I wrote about last month, sometimes the smallest changes have a huge impact! Be sure to eliminate distractions. Use different pens or a different color font. Move to a different location. These small changes may be all you need to get started!

Move Your Body

For some projects you need lots of supplies. Walk around the room, gathering everything you need. Make a game of it by doing five jumping jacks in between each item. The movement will get the oxygen to your brain!

For other tasks, try moving while working. Jump on a trampoline while listening to a seminar, rock in a rocking chair while reading a book, pace back and forth while writing/recording a blog post!

Messy Starts

Don’t worry about perfection, do it messy! If you wait until the circumstances are perfect and you have the perfect ideas, you may never get out of stuck. However, your ideas will start to flow, you’ll get into the groove, if you just start. You can go back later to revise and tidy up your work.

Lower the bar! Make a deal with yourself to work for just ten minutes or even just the length of one song. Usually, once you start you’ll decide to keep going. If not, honor yourself by taking a break. You can go back to the task and try a different hack later.

Who Are You?

Some projects are tough. Perhaps it is overwhelming and will take a long time to complete. Maybe it is something that you’ve struggled with in the past. Sit with the discomfort and consider what you are willing to do instead of what you want to do. No one enjoys 100% of their job! Are you willing to get it done so that you can move on to something better?

Who do you want to be? What are your values? My guess is that you are reliable and you honor your commitments. You want to be seen as someone who is responsible and a team player. Do you have compassion for others? Use these values! Tap into them to provide motivation! Write them down and post them near your work space as a reminder.

Next time you feel like you are dragging your feet through the mud, try one of these hacks. Combine a few to discover what works for you. And let us know if the comments if you have other ideas!