If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you probably can’t.

You’ve probably heard this saying before but do you believe it?

It’s true! Our thoughts play a huge role in whether or not we’ll get started!

One of the best examples of this is with children and sports. Let’s look at swimming… 

When a young child approaches the pool, they must believe they will stay afloat when they jump in. Without this belief, without at least a tiny bit of confidence in themselves, they won’t get in the water. And if you force them, they’ll flail about and start to sink. Or take a look at baseball… If they don’t believe they can hit the ball, they aren’t likely to get to first base. In sports, the mental game is just as important as learning the skills.

Getting started on more difficult projects and tasks is no different. We must have at least a small amount of belief in our ability to complete the task. And after a lifetime of perceived failures, we might need to dig deep to uncover our confidence.

There are many ways to boost our belief in ourselves but it often comes down to self awareness. Our brains are constantly bringing up thoughts about what is going wrong in our lives and so we need to remind ourselves that plenty is going right too! Keeping track of what’s going well and keeping our values at the top of our mind will help us get started when the going gets rough. Here are some hacks to boost your confidence…

Getting Started Hack #32  – Write Affirmations ✍️

To increase your belief in yourself, it’s helpful to have positive reminders that challenge the negativity in our lives. We may make mistakes, have interruptions, or receive criticism but at the same time, we also make progress and make positive decisions and choices. Writing affirmations asks you to challenge the idea that life is only negative and turn your attention to the positive. Are you someone who always makes mistakes and gets distracted or are you a person who makes progress and is a hard worker? Put your attention on the positive! Popular affirmations include: “I am building my future” and “I believe in my dreams, myself and all that I am”. Choose statements that feel best for you and write them down repeatedly as a reminder. Let these positive thoughts motivate you to get started!

Getting Started Hack #33  – Align With Your Values 🤝

When you’re feeling stuck, it’s often helpful to remember your values. Consider who you are and why you wanted to get started on this task in the first place. Are you a helpful person? Generous? Compassionate? Are you a leader? A team player? Are you striving to make the world a better place? What do you value in others and what can you do today to exhibit this value in your own life? Remembering what you value can give you a boost to get started!

Getting Started Hack #34  – Create an Evidence List 🧾

Something is always going well in your life. I know your brain would like to tell you otherwise, but I promise that there is always something to celebrate. In a journal or a doc on your device, write down the small wins of progress you make each week. Even if all you did was make one phone call, it is evidence of progress toward your goal. And most weeks you’ll have plenty more to add to your list! When you are frustrated and unmotivated, review your evidence list as proof that you are indeed making progress and capable of accomplishing great things. This will provide the motivation to get started!

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