Want to accomplish more in your day? Get started with To-Do lists!

There are many different reasons why people don’t keep lists. Often, looking at everything needed to be done is overwhelming. Sometimes the list is not nearby when needed. People often tell me that they should be able to remember. While there are many reasons why people don’t use To-Do lists, even the most distracted person can find success with them! Here are some tips on getting started…

Keep more than one list – Is the giant list of 25 things you need to do overwhelming for you? Me too! That’s why I have more than one list. The first list is a master list. I call it a brain dump. Everything, and I mean everything, I need to do for myself, my family and my work is on that list. From time to time, I sit down and write down everything I can think of that I need to do. And I add to it throughout each day. After these things are written down, I don’t have to keep them in my head anymore and the overwhelm decreases. This is not my To-Do list! My To-Do list is smaller and more manageable. Each day I take a few things off the master list that I need to get done that day. I never have more than 5-7 things on my To-Do list because I want to actually accomplish them all in a reasonable amount of time.

Keep your master list in your phone – These days, we almost always have our cell phones nearby. And there are great apps to use! I keep it simple and use the ‘Notes’ app, but there are others that allow you to set due dates and prioritize your responsibilities (Finish, Wunderlist, etc). When you think of a phone call you need to make, jot it down in your phone. When you sit down to create your To-Do list, your phone is right there with your master list. (Bonus tip – create an alarm or set a reminder to look at your master list each day!)

Do you think to yourself, “I should be able to remember”? It’s time to shift this mindset! In today’s world, information and to-do’s are coming at us a mile a minute. Everyone is struggling to keep track of it all! Perhaps we should be able to remember some things, but realistically, trying to keep track of it all in your head may be affecting both your productivity and your confidence in your own abilities. Remembering (or forgetting) is not a reflection on your self worth! Most people don’t care whether you have a great memory, they just care that you accomplished the task.

How would your life be different if you tried keeping To-Do lists? What are your secrets to keeping track of everything you need to do? Please comment below!