For many, September provides a fresh start to a new (school) year.

Vacations are over, the kids are off to school, and you are back in familiar routines. Too often, we fall right back into old habits, without much thought about it. However, this is the perfect time to set new goals and implement some changes! Reflect on an area of your life in which you’d like to improve and consider these tips for success.

  1. Choose only a few new goals to work on at one time. It is better to accomplish one goal than to feel overwhelmed and not make progress on any!
  2. Break down your goals into small, manageable steps and be sure you have all necessary materials. For example, if you want to “establish a morning routine”, what does this look like for you? List about three action items that you want to include in your morning. How long does each take? Do you need materials such as notebooks, new running shoes, kitchen gadgets, etc.?
  3. Be realistic. Often, we want to try to create a routine that will occur everyday of the week. But interruptions happen! Choose a weekly goal that you are likely to reach. Don’t let perfection get in the way of meaningful progress.
  4. Block off time in your day. After you decide how much time your new goal/routine will take, block off time in your calendar. And by this I mean, actually write your plans in your calendar so that you don’t forget or book something else in its place.
  5. Monitor your progress! Use an app or keep a checklist on your refrigerator and mark off each day you successfully complete your goal.

It’s the perfect time to implement some positive changes into your life! Do you plan to exercise more, eat healthier foods or get more sleep? Or do you have business goals – more customers, blog writing or networking? Let us know in the comments!