Energy begets energy.

In other words, some energy creates more energy. If we take action, we feel more motivated. So if we want to feel more energy, we often need to dig deep to create a little bit of energy first. And if we’re running on empty, this is difficult.

This could turn into a post about healthy habits… if you are eating well and getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself, you are less likely to completely run out of energy. And while this is true… that’s a post for another day.

The truth is, we often feel completely drained. Our lives are busy and whether we are physically running around or mentally taxed, by the end of the day (or let’s face it, sometimes it happens by noon) we don’t have much left in us to give. 

I have a bad habit… I drive my car until the gas tank is completely empty. Sometimes, I drive it past empty for a couple more miles. I don’t intentionally do this, but I am often in a hurry and I don’t leave enough time to stop and fill up with gas. I think I can do “just one more thing” before filling up.

And this is true with my schedule as well. Too often, I don’t pause throughout the day. I go, go, go until I’m way past empty. And if energy begets energy, and we’ve been driving the car way past the “zero fuel left” notification, what are we to do?

The best option would be to take a break. However, if that’s not possible, to get started on your next task, here’s my simple trick:

Move! Move your body in a simple way for a short amount of time. 

Getting Start Hack #18 – Go for a Walk!

Walk around the block, walk around your yard, walk around your home or simply walk in place. Walking clears your head, gets the blood flowing to your brain to energize you! As little as 50 steps ought to do it, which takes no time at all. Go for a walk and then get started!

Getting Started Hack #19 – Ten Jumping Jacks!

Remember doing jumping jacks as a warm up in physical education class? Try it as a warm up for your next task. Of course, you can substitute push ups, marching in place, sit ups, even a plank. The idea is to take your mind off of things for a couple minutes and get your blood flowing. It’s a great hack when you have very little space and/or very little time. Choose a warm up exercise and get started!

Getting Started Hack #20 – Move While Working!

One of my favorite ways to increase my productivity is to walk while I talk. I walk while talking on the phone, I walk while dictating a message and I walk while brainstorming ideas. The movement inspires great thoughts and it is easier to get started. A twist on this: sit in a swivel chair, a chair with wheels or a rocking chair!

Getting Started Hack #21 – Gather Your Supplies

It can be frustrating and distracting when we have to keep getting up to find the materials needed for a task. And the movement we get from gathering them at the start may be just the spark of energy we need to get started! Pens, paper, highlighters, books, laptop, snacks, water, etc. may all be in different locations. Walk around to gather everything and the movement will boost your energy. As a bonus, this hack serves a double purpose – as you think about the task and what supplies you need, you are also thinking through the steps of the task and organizing your thoughts, which is also helpful to get started!

Want some support to figure out the movement that will motivate you? I’d love to help! Reach out and schedule a free Discovery Session!