If you are like much of the world right now, you’ve suddenly been thrust into working from home.  Perhaps you have multiple people working and studying from home at the same time.  Maybe you are home-schooling in addition to working from home.  Whatever your situation, it’s past time to put some strategies in place to keep your sanity!

Create Spaces

You will increase your productivity (and sanity!) if you have separate places for eating, working and relaxing. I’ve talked to too many people who have not left their couch in a month and are wondering why they feel so awful. Your brain needs a physical signal that it is time to work.

Even if you have a tiny apartment, find a corner or a section of the table to be your workspace and “go to work”. My husband and I currently joke that my commute is great as I make my way to the tiny closet office I’ve created for myself! When you are done working, the physical movement of walking toward the kitchen or couch will signal your brain to relax.

Don’t have the space to designate a workplace? Try creating a portable office by putting everything you need into a bag. Carry it to your “workplace” each day and pack up when it’s time to “go home”! It may sound like a lot of extra steps, but you will likely feel better when you can leave your work behind at the end of each day.

Create work spaces for everyone in your family! Your child will likely be more motivated to do their school work if they feel like they “go to school” each day and can walk away from it for meals, breaks and playtime.

Be aware of each family member’s needs. Some people do well with the “coffee house” environment while others can be extremely distracted. While you may be able to focus in the kitchen, others may need to find a quieter location.

Establish Routines

How long has it been since you showered? Did you change out of your pajamas this week? Don’t underestimate the power of daily routines to enhance your productivity (and sanity)! You and your family don’t need to keep a rigid schedule, but having a general daily routine will boost your motivation and energy.

When the days start blending together, our phone can be one of the greatest tools we have. It is always nearby and can be used to set reminders or alarms for mealtimes, movement breaks and even as a prompt to get ready for bed.  End the daylong grazing and get to bed at a reasonable time!

While there’s no need to set an alarm to wake up each morning, it is good to follow your usual morning routine. Get dressed – even if it’s just from the waist up! Putting on a nice outfit, jewelry and make-up can boost your energy for an important meeting or project.

Be sure to incorporate some exercise at some point each day. Play around with timing on this – some people are taking a midday walk to break up the day. Others still need to get a workout in first thing in the morning so that they don’t lose their motivation. Do what works for you!

Connection with others is also an essential part of a daily routine. Are you zoomed out yet? Perhaps you need to have a phone conversation with a close friend or family member instead. Consider whether you have been getting too much or too little connection over the last month and adjust accordingly. Surround yourself with people who motivate and energize you and be sure to include those conversations in your day.

Let me know what you are doing to survive working from home! Please comment below!